Vince might hop back into WWE, but doesn't seem like anyone actually wants him to.

Higher Ups want nothing to do with Vince McMahon

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On a day that mimics the very life of Vince McMahon, with extreme highs with a hotly anticipated documentary on its way, and lows with new sexual assault allegations against Vince. There seems to be another shoe in the air that has dropped. It seems that the higher ups don’t want Vince back.

This is what Sean Ross Sapp said, “Numerous WWE higher-ups that I’ve spoken to in recent months have indicated to us they want nothing to do with that and are happy with the direction. I haven’t heard one person there itching for a Vince return…I should state, they wanted nothing to do with a Vince comeback. We’d not discussed him telling people that he planned to make one. “Done done” was the phrase I got often.”

Vince McMahon might want to come back, but it seems none but a small collection of interesting-minded fans, agree with him. Between most recent sex allegations, as well as acts committed in the last few years running the company. Perhaps mounting a comeback would be unrealistic. However, it was unrealistic to turn a small regional sport, into a national pastime. His creation has been a dominant force ever since. Nothing is impossible.

Should Vince McMahon return? Would you be happy to see him back? Would you prefer that he retires far away from wrestling, never to touch it again?

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