“He’s my favorite wrestler to watch” – Bryan Danielson speaks about NJPW star

“He’s my favorite wrestler to watch” – Bryan Danielson speaks about NJPW star

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“He’s my favorite wrestler to watch” – Bryan Danielson speaks about NJPW star
Bryan Danielson on an episode of AEW Dynamite

Bryan Danielson recently appeared on Casual Conversations. Apart from possessing technical prowess, he’s known to be a professional wrestling fan.

On the show, Danielson revealed his favorite wrestler to watch:

“I watched a lot of Zack Sabre Jr. I like him a lot. I think he’s my favorite wrestler to watch, I think because, before I started in WWE, I was doing some very technical wrestling with combining different submissions. Then I watched Zack wrestle more and more and he was just like “Woah…” he was just blowing away the things that I thought was really cool.” (h/t: itrwrestling.com)

Zack Sabre Jr. is signed to NJPW. He’s the reigning IWGP Tag Team Champion with Taichi. He’s popularly known as The Technical Wizard for his matt-based submission wrestling style.

Zack has won the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Award for Best Technical Wrestler seven years (2014-2020) in a row. He was also voted Best Technical Wrestler of 2010s.

Only eight people were aware of Shibata’s G1 appearance; ring announcer Makoto Abe, a lighting staff, a stage director, CEO Obari Takami, Chairman Sugabayashi Naoki, trainer Yosuke Sugano, referee Marty Asami, Zack Sabre Jr., and Shibata himself. https://t.co/EPnz6eH0ip

Bryan Danielson won the award nine years in a row. It was named after him when he retired in 2015. Sabre Jr. has monopolized it since then. Since the forbidden door is opened, it is now possible to experience two of the greatest technicians square off in an AEW ring.

Bryan Danielson defeated Colt Cabana in Dynamite

Bryan Danielson proudly showing off the tooth he just kicked out of Colt Cabana’s mouth. https://t.co/VOdB8tOr1M

Danielson faced Colt Cabana in Chicago on Wednesday.

Despite the home-field advantage, Cabana was unsuccessful in making an impact. He tapped out to the LeBell Lock. After the match, Danielson took Cabana’s broken piece of tooth and exhibited it like a trophy. His celebration was short-lived.

Hangman Page came out and confronted Danielson in the ring. Page wanted to face Danielson on the show, but the latter denied. Page then confirmed that he was not leaving without a fight. Bryan tried to attack Hangman by surprise, but Page countered. Danielson nearly escaped a Buckshot Lariat and backed off.

It’s interesting to see how Danielson gets his “heat” back on the World Champion.

Are you excited about the possibility for Bryan Danielson vs Zack Sabre Jr in AEW? Voice your opinion in the comments section below.


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