"He knows he's better than they give him credit for" - Ric Flair heaps praise on current WWE superstar

“He knows he’s better than they give him credit for” – Ric Flair heaps praise on current WWE superstar

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Ric Flair recently shared his admiration for WWE Superstar Dolph Ziggler.

On the latest episode of the Wooooo Nation podcast, two-time WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair spoke about the current wrestling landscape.

Flair was full of praise for Dolph Ziggler. He mentioned that Dolph took every gimmick he was handed in the WWE and made it successful. The Nature Boy mentioned that Dolph is one of the few guys in WWE that rose above criticism and could be great when he wanted to.

Here’s what Flair had to say about The Showoff:

“He’s taken every role they’ve given him and made it successful. He’s had a 20-year career, made lots of money, saved his money, on top of the world, and doesn’t give a s**t. He knows he’s better than they give him credit for. He’s another example of a guy that is great when he wants to be. Don’t think that Dolph can’t yank a guy around if he wants to. He’s happy, that’s the most important thing. He goes home happy at night. He’s not stressed out because he knows how good he is,” Flair said.

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Ric Flair discussed what would happen if the fan attacked Dolph Ziggler instead of Rollins.

During the show, Flair also mentioned that Dolph Ziggler was a tough guy to take down in a brawl. The 16-time world champ mentioned that if the fan had jumped Ziggler instead of Rollins, Ziggler would have stretched him and tapped him out.

Flair stated, “If that mark at jumped out at him instead of Seth Rollins, that mark would have been stretched out, tied up, and brought to the ring. He would have stretched him, made him submit three times before he got back to the dressing room. He’s a tough kid.”

Dolph Ziggler is currently part of the tag team division on Monday Night RAW with Robert Roode. This past week on RAW, Ziggler and Roode faced RK-Bro for the RAW Tag Team Championships. However, Ziggler and Roode were unable to grab the win.


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