"He has no help"- Disco Inferno slams the heel turn of a former WWE Superstar in AEW

“He has no help”- Disco Inferno slams the heel turn of a former WWE Superstar in AEW

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Disco Inferno is a WCW veteran!
Disco Inferno is a WCW veteran!

Disco Inferno recently lashed out at AEW’s higher-ups for bizarrely turning Bryan Danielson heel.

The former WWE Superstar brought a significant change in his character during the ongoing storyline with Hangman Page revolving around the AEW World Championship. A few weeks ago, Bryan interrupted Page’s title celebration and cut a heelish promo on him and the Dark Order.

He even announced going after every member of the fan-favorite faction before eventually challenging for the coveted prize. So far, The American Dragon has defeated Evil Uno and Colt Cabana to elevate his new persona.

While speaking on a recent edition of Keepin’ It 100, Disco Inferno called it a ‘weird’ booking decision, with a lone heel pummeling a babyface faction:

“And this is bizarre too. Bro, he’s doing what like if the Dark Order were heels and he was a babyface that would be like Yo. He’s like an alone heel beating up everybody in the babyface group. That’s like a weird way to book this. He has no help. He’s called guys out and just pummeling them in the ring every week. It’s kind of weird,” Disco Inferno said.

So did I miss Bryan Danielson’s heel turn or…..? #AEW #AEWDynamite https://t.co/hLPNpOzv7k

Bryan Danielson will be looking to continue next week on Dynamite when he faces Alan Angels of the Dark Order. Though it seems to be a one-sided affair, Bryan’s tendency to bring the best out of his opponents is likely to make this a must-see encounter.

Bryan Danielson is hopeful of having a program with CM Punk in AEW

#AEWDynamite AEW can now put on this feud. Bryan Danielson vs CM Punk. https://t.co/yxN1GMJRHf

AEW’s Bryan Danielson recently revealed that he always wanted to have a WrestleMania match against CM Punk. The former felt that both men were destined to do a program together on the grandest stage of them all, though the dream bout never materialized despite being in the same promotion for years:

“I’ve always kind of thought this, and I’ve said this even when I was in WWE. It felt to me, like, Punk and I were destined to do a WrestleMania match. And then it just never happened. It just felt like, man, it’s so perfect, and it makes so much sense that we would have this WrestleMania. He and I would have this WrestleMania match against each other, and never happened.”

Now that both men are working under the same umbrella in AEW, Bryan Danielson is optimistic about either teaming up or rekindling rivalry with CM Punk.

What do you make of Disco Inferno’s statement? Sound off in the comments section below.


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