"He can't control his emotions" - AEW star sends a warning to Eddie Kingston

“He can’t control his emotions” – AEW star sends a warning to Eddie Kingston

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Matt Lee stated that Eddie Kingston’s temper would be his undoing during the 39-year-old’s match against Daniel Garcia on this week’s episode of AEW Rampage.

AEW tag-team 2.0 — Matt Lee and Jeff Parker — will be at ringside this Friday night when Eddie Kingston faces Daniel Garcia in singles action.

The duo recently did a livestream on their YouTube channel, TheShowRULES, duing which Matt Lee sent out a warning to Kingston ahead of Friday night.

Lee felt that Kingston was vulnerable because he was happy and content with where he was in life unlike Daniel Garcia, who was hungry to climb the ladder. Lee also felt that Kingston had a short temper and was easy to set off, something they could use to help Garcia gain the advantage:

You know who’s going to be disappointed? Eddie Kingston, this Friday night. Eddie Kingston, this Friday night, Rampage, taking on Daniel Garcia, our son. He stood his ground, stood his ground on Dynamite, tough kid, from the mean streets of Buffalo.

Kingston, you know I read that Player’s Tribune article that he wrote, very well done, excellent article but I just think… it read as a guy who is happy to be where he is at. It read as a guy who is maybe at the end of his career but a guy but a guy like Eddie Kingston, he feeds on misery and coming from the streets and being a tough guy and being poor and this and that and whatever right? He feeds off that but now Eddie Kingston’s happy. He’s a fat cat bigwig, he’s happy, so you know what, you’re ripe for the pickings Eddie Kingston and I think the world is starting to find that out. Miro, loss. Bryan Danielson, loss. Punk, loss. [Daniel Garcia], gonna be a loss, because nobody’s hungrier than Daniel Garcia right now.Eddie Kingston, very easy to set him off, he can’t control his emotions, that man. He cannot control his emotions.

2.0 and Daniel Garcia confronted Eddie Kingston backstage on AEW Dynamite

Always a straight shooter, @MadKing1981 lets @GarciaWrestling & #2point0 know exactly how he feels about them after the trio intruded on his interview with @tonyschiavone24 on #AEWDynamite https://t.co/JFQfIkikgr

Eddie Kingston was backstage on AEW Dynamite last week for an interview with Tony Schiavone which was interrupted by 2.0 and Daniel Garcia. Matt Lee and Jeff called Kingston out for “complaining” and added that they were tired of hearing about Kingston’s sad stories. Parker then added that the real sad story was that Daniel Garcia had lasted longer in the ring with CM Punk than he had at AEW Full Gear.

Kingston responded saying that he didn’t respect Daniel Garcia before getting physical, and warning Garcia that he would “fight” him. Kingston will get his chance to get his hands on Daniel Garcia on the Black Friday edition of AEW Rampage later this week.


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