"Have to lay down and be sick" - WWE Hall of Famer details how Macho Man Randy Savage prepared for big matches

“Have to lay down and be sick” – WWE Hall of Famer details how Macho Man Randy Savage prepared for big matches

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The WWE Hall of Famer, Honky Tonk Man, recently spoke about his matches with Macho Man Randy Savage.

The former WWE superstar was on the latest episode of Stories with Brisco and Bradshaw with Gerald Brisco and John Layfield.

The Honky Tonk Man detailed that Randy Savage was very meticulous about his matches. The Hall of Famer recalled Randy coming to the back to look for him and discuss the match. Honky Tonk Man mentioned that Macho Man would get nauseated before big matches and he would get sick or throw up.

Here’s what Honky Tonk Man had to say:

“He would come looking… He would go to Jimmy Hart and say, ‘Where’s that Honky Tonk Man?’ The music would hit, and all of a sudden I would reappear right at the curtain.. so we would just go out there and do it. But I found out we worked a lot better if I let him come and tell me and put it together… It was no big deal. He liked to have it structured. I understand that later on, Randy would get so deathly nauseated before these Saturday Night Main Events and WrestleManias, that he would just have to lay down, be sick and throw up,” Honky Tonk Man said.

You can watch to the entire interview here:

INCREDIBLE show. The Greatest Intercontinental Champion of all time-he’s cool, he’s cocky, he’s bad. The Honky Tonk Man joins Stories with @Fgbrisco and Bradshaw @JCLayfield whole show here youtu.be/AVSmNbwhZeM and podcast everywhere. https://t.co/mu5CkIMel0

Macho Man Randy Savage is considered one of the greatest to ever step foot in the ring

Macho Man Randy Savage was one of the biggest stars of the Golden Generation of WWE second only to Hulk Hogan. His promos, charisma and in-ring excellence propelled him to two WWE Championship reigns, four WCW World Championship reigns and an intercontinental title run that lasted for 14 months.

Macho Man Randy Savage will always be one of the 🐐 of wrestling.

#WrestlingTwitter https://t.co/D4CBopGnXI

Following his passing in 2011, Macho Man was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2015 by Hulk Hogan.


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