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Has WWE made a mistake with Alexa Bliss & Bray Wyatt storyline?

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WWE superstar Bray Wyatt is currently involved in a feud with LA Knight on SmackDown. The angle also involves the mysterious character of Uncle Howdy who has also been confronting Alexa Bliss on the red brand.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s latest edition of Legion of RAW, former WWE head writer Vince Russo believes WWE has made a mistake by tying Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt in the same storyline.

“Bro, you gotta be very very careful, look at you’re doing here, okay? I don’t watch SmackDown, I don’t think of Bray Wyatt as a babyface or a heel, he is Bray Wyatt. Bro, people love Bray Wyatt, universally they love Bray Wyatt. Okay, bro, now you’re connecting Alexa Bliss to a storyline Bray Wyatt is part of,” said Vince Russo.



Alexa Bliss Spoke About The Return of Bray Wyatt


On BT Sport’s What Went Down, Alexa Bliss commented on Bray Wyatt’s return to WWE. She stated that she felt something was missing when Bray was away from the company. She also praised Bray’s on-screen character.

Since taking over WWE’s creative, Triple H has brought back a lot of WWE superstars who were underutilized during Vince McMahon’s regime. His latest addition has been Bronson Reed who appeared on today’s episode of Monday Night RAW.

Speaking of his most important signing, Triple H brought back Bray Wyatt at the Extreme Rules premium live event. In the build-up to his return, WWE aired the White Rabbit campaign which kept the viewers guessing until the day he actually returned. Stephanie McMahon also confirmed that WWE had hired a horror writer to pull off the campaign successfully.

“Obviously he’s such a key part of WWE and such a presence and character that it’s so great that he’s back because I feel like there was this character void. The fact that he’s back, you need that creative energy around, for sure.”

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