Gunther points out why Imperium are different

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WWE saw the emergence of a new faction called the Imperium in 2019 that consisted of Gunther, Kaiser, and Giovanni Vinci. Since then, the faction has come a long way putting up dominant performances on the main roster. While Gunther has established himself as a singles champion, Kaiser and Vinci have been prominent in the tag team division.

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During an appearance on the Battleground Podcast, Gunther professed that Imperium is authentic which makes it easier for people to relate to them.

“I think we’re just different from the others. It’s always about…the music hits and you walk out, there is a certain vibe people can relate to right away? I think what makes our group stand out is, it’s authentic. I think people can really tell that us three, we really connect with each other in what we represent in the ring. That we really got our backs, and I think people can just relate to that, and everybody can just understand what we want to represent in the ring as well.”

He also noted that they are very proud to be European and claimed to be more serious than other wrestlers.

“We are three European guys, who are very proud of being European wrestlers, and want to promote that style on every stage they’re on. We take this, what we do, maybe an inch more serious than anybody else, if you compare us to other groups or other wrestlers. I think everybody can relate to that, and I think that’s what people respect as well.”

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