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Goldberg Destroyed Gillbergs Ability To Make Money

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Gillberg reportedly asserted that Goldberg repeatedly declined to challenge him to a match. Many fans were disappointed by this because they only wanted to witness the two fight in the past.

Gillberg discussed his friendship with Goldberg in a podcast interview with Cheap Heat Productions. Then, Gillberg went on to say that the former WWE world champion had stifled his goods sales.

“I loved the Gillberg gimmick. Goldberg has, I can’t say 100 percent, but from the people I know, they say that Goldberg has a thumb on me. I can’t have a doll, I can’t have a shirt, I can’t be on a video game. I can’t do anything at all.”

Gillberg retired back in 2020, and he suffered a heart attack that same year.

Thankfully, Gillberg is in much better health, so he can always be appreciative of that.

Would you like to see a Gillberg cameo in WWE or AEW?


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