Otis could go back to being a lovable face on wwe raw

Gimmick change in the offing for WWE Raw star

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Have you watched WWE Raw this week?  Otis has been running wild as part of the underrated Alpha Academy alongside Chad Gable for a while now. However, recent happenings have teased the heavyweight returning to his lovable oaf character, and last night’s Raw added further seeds for this change.

Maximum Male Models, who now appear to be part of WWE Raw, seemed to be teasing a makeover for Otis, easily one of the most beloved stars on the brand. The segment had Otis and Chad Gable talking backstage when the camera panned to the Maximum Male Models eyeing the former, with Mace calling him “disgusting” while Mansoor found him “grotesque.”

However, more interestingly, Maxxine Dupri saw something more, as she called Otis “perfect,” heavily implying that she wants to work with him. It seemingly looks like all plans are leading to a MMM vs. Alpha Academy feud on Raw, leading to a possible gimmick change for Otis.

The former amateur wrestler was one of the most over faces during the pandemic era, and a return to that gimmick should do him, and perhaps Gable, a world of good heading into WrestleMania and thereon.

Are you looking forward to watching WWE Raw in the run up to Wrestlemania?


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