Andrade and Sammy Guevera have heated exchange

Full Story Why Andrade Was Sent Home & Not Sammy

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Following on from more backstage AEW drama that we reported last night we have learned more from the Sammy Guevara/Andrade situation, and it seems like there was good reason Sammy Guevara was still on the show.

Fightful Select has taken the majority of the accounts they received and thus far have indicated that Andrade was the aggressor and Guevara made attempts to not participate in the fight.

Andrade and Sammy Guevera have heated exchange
Andrade and Sammy Guevera have heated exchange

Fightful state that have heard that Andrade arrived and had waited to see Sammy Guevara, and threw a couple of punches before it was broken up. Both men had been spoken to and warned about not fighting and had assured management they wouldn’t be fighting.

Several talents even said they had expected it to be squashed as opposed to the fight.

Guevara was left on TV while Andrade was sent home.


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