FTR lose the AAA tag titles, Dragon Lee, New champ, announces intentions to join WWE.

FTR loses titles, Dragon Lee announces WWE signing

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It’s been a busy night in the world of professional wrestling. While AEW held its event, New Year’s Slam, it would be AAA making the news. The new champions, are Dragon Lee, and Dralístico. FTR had the third-longest reign in AAA history with 438 days. The Lucha Bros had the longest ever.

FTR is expected by many to go to WWE, so losing the titles would make sense. Wheeler & Harwood already lost the Ring of Honor championships at Final Battle. Many expect them to lose the IWGP titles in Japan next month. They seem to be vacating the world of wrestling, perhaps to go back to WWE.

But there is a wrinkle in this story. Dragon Lee, one of the new AAA Tag Team Champions, announced that he’s signing with WWE. What does this mean? Surely that AAA management would know if Dragon Lee was signing with WWE before losing the titles. Some fans even speculated that AAA and WWE are now in a relationship with one another.

While there is no such announcement of a relationship between WWE and AAA, it could be said that AAA’s relationship with AEW might not be in the best place right now.

Will Dragon Lee drop the AAA title? Will FTR make their way to WWE? What of AAA’s relationship with AEW?

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