FTR Dax Harwood

FTR have discussed their tag team future this week

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During the most recent episode of the FTR with Dax podcast, Dax Harwood provided an update on the future plans of himself and Cash Wheeler. Previously, Harwood had shared via Twitter that he and Cash had made a decision and would be revealing it soon. In the latest podcast episode, Harwood revealed that he had a personal conversation with his tag team partner and shared some details about it.

FTR Contract Details
“I talked to Dan (Cash) today on the phone, and we talked about what we wanted to accomplish, and the legacy obviously we wanted to leave.I think we’ve left a pretty good one so far, but we want to further leave. Talked about a schedule. Talked about money.
A little bit of everything.And we talked about this before, but it’s coming down to nut-cutting time, dude, so we needed to make a decision about where we wanted to go.
If we decide to sign a contract, right? If that’s where we go, or that’s what we decide to do.   
We don’t have to sign the contract in April. We can take a few weeks, months, however long we want off, if we need to. But we did need to come up with a plan, come up with a decision, and I think it’s a decision that is going to benefit us, I think it’s going to benefit my family.
I think it’s going to benefit our fans as well. I think they’re going to enjoy what we decide to do.”


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