CM Punk AEW Return

FTR & CM Punk Together Again In LA (PHOTOS)

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Dax Harwood from FTR frequently mentions his strong bond with CM Punk and how they communicate on a regular basis. In a recent update on Thursday, Harwood shared a series of pictures on social media featuring himself, Cash Wheeler, and CM Punk at a gym in Los Angeles. Along with the post, he added the caption “LA.” Harwood has expressed his desire to witness CM Punk’s return to AEW in recent remarks.


“If him coming back and … finishing his storybook career here gives him a peace of mind, then I think it should happen and will happen.”



Jim Ross expects to see CM Punk return to AEW


Jim Ross is a highly respected and renowned figure in the world of professional wrestling. He has worked for multiple wrestling promotions throughout his career, including WWE, WCW, and currently, AEW.

Ross has held various roles within the wrestling industry, such as commentator, announcer, and talent relations executive. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestling announcers of all time, known for his distinctive voice and ability to convey the drama and excitement of matches.

Jim Ross AEW
Jim Ross

In addition to his work in wrestling, Ross has also dabbled in other areas of entertainment. He has made appearances in movies and TV shows, as well as written several books about his experiences in the wrestling industry.

Ross’s Grilling JR podcast, mentioned in the original question, is a popular show where he discusses a wide range of topics related to wrestling and beyond. He often shares his candid opinions and insights on current events and trends in the industry, making him a highly influential and well-respected voice among wrestling fans and insiders alike.

On his Grilling JR podcast, this week Jim covered a diverse range of topics and expressed his belief that CM Punk will ultimately return to AEW, despite his recent social media rants about Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho, as well as the intense All Out brawl with The Elite.

“I think it sold out. Rafael [Morffi] called me, and I said, ‘How are things going, tickets sales wise?’ He mentioned to me that the Toronto show had sold out. That’s good. Good for the home team. All good stuff, baby. But anyway, sell-outs, good.

Anytime you get a sell out, you’re doing something right. I think we’re doing something right. I just got a feeling that big things are on the way. Getting everybody healthy again and back on the roster again is important. Of course, the whole question is gonna center around [will] CM Punk ever be back.

I’m one of those guys that believe he will be back. We’ll see. I think AEW needs CM Punk because of his star power, and he brings… with controversy creates cash, and he’s certainly controversial. I’m a big fan of Phil’s. We’ll see how it works out. I’m optimistic and positive,”


There has been recent activity from CM Punk on his social media and this has sparked new reports that he really would not be a welcome return to the locker room by many stars.   Questions have arose about how he can function at the top of the ladder when he has so much heat with many top AEW stars.



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