The Undertaker

Former WWE writer had this amazing pitch for WWE legend rejected

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The Undertaker, one of the most iconic WWE superstars of all time, already had a storyline ‘brother’ who came to life in the form of Kane, and the two shared a love-hate relationship right until the end of their careers. And if one ex-WWE writer is to be believed, The Deadman would have had more family troubles had his idea been accepted.

Brian Gewirtz, a former WWE writer now working on Seven Bucks Productions with The Rock, recently disclosed on Twitter some topics discussed during his tenure at Stamford, Connecticut. This included an idea for The Undertaker to have a secret ‘Lost Son,’ although the idea was eventually nixed.

He also revealed that his first pitch also rejected, involved Vince McMahon having a midlife crisis. This meant the former chairman of the board would grow a beard, wear Hawaiian shirts, and sing Black Eyed Peas songs!

Back to The Undertaker’s son, it was Kaval, aka Low-Kim, who was earmarked to play his long-lost son, but that never came to pass. For now, neither superstar has confirmed this statement, but fans were excited to hear about such ideas being thrown around during creative meetings.


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