Former WWE Star Reveals He Is Under No Contract

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Erick Redbeard is not currently under contract.

The former Bludgeon Brother discussed this topic during an interview with WrestlingNews.Co, where he was questioned about whether or not he would be returning to WWE now that Bray Wyatt was back with the company. Check out what he had to say on the subject in the highlights below.



Whether he will return to WWE:

I would be the last to know. I feel like the fans like figure out or through you know, people call it the dirt sheets but it’s basically just the journalism without like verified facts. But I sometimes feel like you’ll hear rumors and then all of the sudden they come true so that’s why I always laugh like ‘I’ll probably hear a rumor, I don’t know.’

Says he is not currently under contract to another company:

All I can say is that I’m not under contract with any wrestling company, I’m a true independent contractor within acting and wrestling. Independent wrestling is alive and well so you know, support your local independent wrestling promotions because without them, there’s no future stars of tomorrow unless they just recruit through colleges.


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