AEW Dark Match

Former WWE Producer Worked His First AEW Dark Match Last Night

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Former WWE backstage producer turned AEW coach, Pat Buck, made headlines as he stepped into the ring for his first televised match on AEW Dark this week. Buck, who requested his release from WWE just after WrestleMania 38, signed with AEW as a coach in 2022 and has been actively involved in talent development within the company.

Buck’s match on AEW Dark was against Juice Robinson and took place at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, where the show was taped earlier this week. The episode is scheduled to air this Tuesday at 7 p.m. Eastern Time, providing fans with a chance to witness Buck’s in-ring debut for AEW.

The match started with Buck and Robinson exchanging headlocks, with Buck gaining the upper hand after an impressive armdrag. However, Robinson quickly regained control, working Buck down and playing to the crowd. Buck managed to catch Robinson off guard with a powerful powerslam for a near fall, but ultimately Robinson sealed the victory with his signature Juice Is Loose DDT.

This was Buck’s second match in AEW, but the first one that has been televised, marking a significant moment in his wrestling career. As AEW’s Vice President of Talent Development, Buck’s transition from backstage producer to in-ring competitor has been met with curiosity and anticipation from wrestling fans.

Buck’s foray into the ring adds another layer to his multifaceted role in AEW and highlights the company’s commitment to providing opportunities for talent to grow and evolve within the promotion. Wrestling fans will be keeping an eye on Buck’s journey as he continues to make his mark in AEW.


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