Former WWE Diva comments on Mandy Rose making $500,000 on FanTime

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Former WWE NXT superstar Mandy Rose was released by the company in December last year for posting explicit content on her FanTime page. It was seen as a breach of her contract by the Stamford-based company.

Recently FanTime congratulated Mandy Rose for making $500,000 on their platform. Speaking on her Eyes Up Here podcast former WWE Diva Francine gave her honest thoughts on the situation. She opined that she could not do what Mandy Rose is doing due to her morals but there is nothing wrong if somebody chooses to do so.

“Good for her for making her money and making more. I don’t think she made $500,000 there [in WWE] in a year. She made that in a week. In a week! That’s a ridiculous amount of money. I said to my husband, ‘why do I have morals?’ I could be the MILF that does this kind of stuff, you know what I mean. But I can’t. I can’t do it and I won’t do it but that doesn’t mean that she can’t do it and good for her,” she said.

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