Former WWE Champion wants to face Tyson Fury in a No Disqualification match

Former WWE Champion wants to face Tyson Fury in a No Disqualification match

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Former WWE Champion wants to face Tyson Fury in a No Disqualification match
Could we see Tyson Fury return to a WWE ring?

Former WWE Champion Drew McIntyre has revealed that if he had the opportunity to face Tyson Fury in the squared circle, he would choose a No Disqualification match as the stipulation.

The Scottish Warrior and The Gypsy King have been vocal about having a match against each other in WWE for a while now. Tyson Fury has only competed in one match for the company, which took place at WWE Crown Jewel 2019 in Saudi Arabia. He successfully defeated former Universal Champion Braun Strowman to win the bout.

During a recent interview with Metro, Drew McIntyre said he wants to have a No DQ match with the Lineal Champion because it would be more entertaining and they could get away with a lot more.

“In that environment, we could get away with a lot more,” said McIntyre. “It would be a good first match – I mean, he’s had one, but a good, proper first match that people go, ‘That was a good match.’ And it’d be very entertaining for the fans, if that was the stipulation. I know he’s not gonna be doings 450s, intricate move sequences.”

“But it’s my job as somebody who’s been around for 20 years to look at the situation logically, figure out the best way to approach my match with his athletic abilities – and entertainment – that he brings to his world and our world,” he added. “I like to think I’ve shown at this stage I can put together a match with pretty much anybody, no matter where they’re at – including Fury, and he’s got a lot more to work with than some of our superstars who are less experienced that I’ve worked with.”

“Shout out @DMcIntyreWWE! He’s been calling me out, he doesn’t want to catch a left hook!”

“He’s 6”6 but he’s chiseled! I want to fight him but he’s got a good body!”

The WWE Champion is on @Tyson_Fury’s radar 👀

Give 👏 Us 👏 This 👏 Fight 👏

Drew McIntyre says a match with Tyson Fury in WWE would be a highly physical affair

Drew McIntyre and Tyson Fury both made a career out of punching people in the face. The difference is that The Scottish Warrior has more moves in his arsenal besides his fists.

A match between the two athletes would be a hard-hitting one, and McIntyre is sure that they’ll both be able to handle it.

“I don’t think I’m worried about hurting him, he’s used to getting punched in the head for a living,” said Drew. “I know I can take a hit. I’m not gonna go ahead and call him old feather fists, I know he gets offended by that! It would be highly physical and highly entertaining, I know that.”

Oh, you better believe @Tyson_Fury came prepared. #WWECrownJewel

While WWE hasn’t made anything official as of yet, there’s a chance that the match could happen someday in the future.


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