Matt Cardona

Former WWE Champion Says He Has Unfinished Business With WWE

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Matt Cardona, a.k.a. Zack Ryder, the former Intercontinental Champion, recently discussed his future and said that he still has “unfinished business” in the WWE.


Cardona participated actively in the WWE for about 15 years. However, in 2020, his contract was terminated. Since then, he has become one of the hardest-working men on the independent circuit. But, after his wife, Chelsea Green, made her comeback a few weeks ago, reports have recently surfaced suggesting that the former Intercontinental Champion would return to the Stamford-based business.

Cardona talked about his future in a recent interview with Ad Free Shows, saying that he wants to experience a WrestleMania moment.

“I’ll also be lying if I said I never wanted to wrestle at Madison Square Garden again. I never wanted to have a WrestleMania moment. Of course, I do. Of course, I do 100%. What I’m doing now, and you know, from the day I got released I never had the mindset, ‘oh, what can I do to get back to WWE or what can I do to have AEW notice me.’ No, I’m doing what I’m doing for me. I’m not trying to prove anybody wrong.

I don’t have a chip on my shoulder. I’m trying to prove myself right, my fans right, like I have. I feel like I’ve gotten some people to jump on board along the way. Great, glad to have you. That’s not about you, it’s about me,” he said.

He continued

“I don’t know what’s next, but I have a lot of unfinished business, whether it be just with this business, with WWE. Yeah, let’s see what happens. Right now, this has been the most successful time of my career. I don’t care how you define success, accolades, money, happiness, however you define it, 2022 is my most successful year of my career. And I’m only 37 years old. I’m still in my prime. Maybe haven’t even hit it yet. So, time is on my side,” Cardona added. 


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