Creater Clash 2

Former WWE Star Wins His First Creater Clash 2 Boxing Event VIA Knockout (KO VIDEO)

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Creator Clash 2 is an annual charity boxing event that brings together content creators from various social media platforms. The event provides a platform for influencers to showcase their skills in the boxing ring while raising funds for charitable causes.

The inaugural Creator Clash event took place on May 14, 2022, at the Yuengling Center on the campus of the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. The event was headlined by YouTubers iDubbbz and Doctor Mike. It was a massive success, attracting a significant audience and generating a buzz in the online community.

The event’s success led to the second Creator Clash, which took place on April 15, 2023, at the Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida. The headlining fight was between YouTubers iDubbbz and Alex Wassabi. This event was another massive success, with more influencers participating and even bigger audiences.

The Creator Clash was born out of a challenge issued by YouTuber iDubbbz to fellow YouTuber RiceGum. In a video entitled “Content Cop – Jake Paul” released in 2018, iDubbbz called out RiceGum. RiceGum responded by challenging iDubbbz to a boxing match. However, he later backed out of the fight, and iDubbbz began searching for new creators to join his planned event, which eventually evolved into the Creator Clash.

The second Creator Clash event featured John Morrison, a former WWE Superstar, who emerged victorious in his first boxing match. The event took place at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida, and featured influencers facing off in boxing matches. Morrison was cornered by Josh Barnett and introduced by “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan. He scored a TKO for the win in round three after scoring knockdowns against Epic Meal Time’s Harley Morenstein in the first two rounds.


Following his victory, Morrison called out KSI as his next desired opponent and took shots at Jake and Logan Paul, claiming they had already been beaten and were not worth his time.

The Creator Clash has become a significant event in the social media community, bringing together content creators from different platforms and providing a platform for them to showcase their boxing skills while raising funds for charity. The event has attracted massive audiences, and it looks set to become an annual fixture on the social media calendar.

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