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Former SmackDown general manager weighs in on the release of Mandy Rose

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The recent release of former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose came as a shock to many. She was posting explicit content on her BrandArmy page which was a breach of her contract with the Stamford-based promotion. She lost her NXT gold in a recent match against Roxanne Perez just 24 hours prior to her firing. It was reported that Shawn Michaels, Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative, wanted the NXT Championship stripped from her due to the breach of contract.

Speaking on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s One On One, former SmackDown general manager Teddy Long expressed his views on the topic. He highlighted that WWE has certain rules and Mandy tried to think smart which ultimately led to her release. But he also admitted that it was sad to see her part ways with WWE.

“There are certain rules and regulations. And you have to go by those rules and regulations – especially when you’re working for somebody else. You’re not on your own. A lot of times I think people just think smart. She probably knew she probably needed to reveal that to WWE before she started but she probably also thought, ‘Well, if I do that I may not get hired,’ so you know it’s like between a rock and a hard place. Like I said, hate to see her go. She was a great talent,” said Teddy Long. 

A recent report suggested that Mandy Rose might become a millionaire by Christmas as she has made a huge amount of money from her BrandArmy page since her release from WWE.  It would be interesting to find out what her next career move would be.

Whats next for former WWE star Mandy Rose


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