Former WWE star removed from AEW roster

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AEW has accumulated quite the roster over the past three years as part of its objective to become the pro wrestling show in the North American market. That has meant a lot of ex-WWE talent signing for them, including those who had stints with NXT.

Many of these former WWE performers were part of the mass releases by the company over the past few years. One of them, AQA, joined AEW in February 2022 after she was let go by Vince McMahon & Co, but it looks like her time under Tony Khan may also be done.

AQA has decided to take a break from the business

As per Fightful, AQA has officially been removed from the AEW roster page. Her deal expired with the company and having struggled to make a mark, the Alabama native announced she was stepping away from the business.

“Former NXT talent AQA has officially been removed from the AEW roster page, and we’re told that her deal is up with the company. She announced she’d be stepping away from wrestling back in July.”

While there is always a chance AQA returns to the industry, there are multiple avenues to pursue outside of pro wrestling, and we wish her the best of luck in whatever she decides to do.


Willie Mac to make AEW Debut


As a consequence of Brian Cage’s victory over Willie Mack on the January 11 episode of AEW Dark: Elevation, the former Impact Wrestling star is now set to make his AEW TV debut.

After the broadcast, fans complimented the bout positively and after Dynamite on Wednesday night, Mack, who left Impact in May 2022, engaged in a match with Cage in preparation for Friday’s Rampage episode that will air on TNT.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said AEW President Tony Khan wanted to put the bout on television since he enjoyed it so much on Dark.

“Brian Cage beat Willie Mack, so the deal here is that they had a match on one of the streaming shows this week that was really good apparently. Tony wanted to do it again, this time on television and also because Brian Cage is wrestling Bryan Danielson (next week on Dynamite). Brian Cage getting a win on Rampage to build that up makes all the sense in the world. Brian Cage won with, I believe, Weapon X,” Meltzer stated.


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