A Parody account of the Undertaker, was taken down on Twitter. Why?

FBI wanted a parody Undertaker twitter account shutdown

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The San Francisco division of the FBI has contacted Twitter to have a parody account of the Undertaker, suspended. Twitter will apparently be taking down multiple parody accounts. This might stem from events from a few months ago where Elon Must questioned how many fake accounts were present on Twitter.

This is what David Bixenspan said on Twitter. “I’ve been pretty clear about my thoughts on “The Twitter Files,” but… Why was the FBI’s San Francisco office asking Twitter to suspend an Undertaker parody account that generally tweeted about The Undertaker sh*tting his pants/blaming it on an imaginary entity named Mr. Brown?”

The FBI suspended several accounts, related to fake Undertaker accounts.
The FBI suspended several accounts, related to fake Undertaker accounts. FBI appears to deem this, as a violation of TOS for Twitter, as it impersonates the Undertaker, by making it seem like he’s doing embarrassing things, such as  crapping his pants. 

Fake accounts, parody and otherwise, are a huge problem for all social media platforms. Twitter’s policy is, that parody accounts can’t “impersonate individuals, groups, or organizations to mislead, confuse, or deceive others, nor use a fake identity in a manner that disrupts the experience of others on Twitter.” It appears that the Undertaker profiles did exactly that. What other parody accounts may end up getting taken down, involving wrestling?

Should Elon Musk take down fake accounts like that of Taker? I guess the wild wacky world of Twitter as of late, will be affecting the wrestling world as well.

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