Jay Briscoe police report released. fans thank Tony Khan

Fans Can Thank Tony Khan For Fighting Back With Network For Jay Briscoe Tribute

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Mark Briscoe wrestled for AEW on Wednesday’s episode of Dynamite defeating Jay Lethal in a Jay Briscoe tribute match and we have to thank Tony Khan for getting this on air.


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Prior to Jay’s tragic death, AEW President Tony Khan pushed hard to get The Briscoes on AEW Dynamite in the past. However, Warner Bros. Discovery wouldn’t allow it because of Jay’s homophobic tweets from many years ago. The network essentially banned him from appearing on TNT or TBS.

Tony Khan

Following Jay’s car accident which took his life, AEW wasn’t allowed to do a full tribute show on Dynamite and WarnerBros Discovery would still not allow Mark Briscoe on AEW television.

During the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed how Tony Khan really pushed for Mark to be allowed on AEW TV. Here is what Meltzer said:

“The whole thing is you have to credit that one to Tony Khan. He pushed and pushed. I mean, he pushed really hard on this one and got them to change their minds. They were pretty dead set against it…it was certainly a lot of people who had been saying, ‘How do you ban the Jay tribute show when you’re showing Dana White on slap fighting,’” Meltzer said.


Tony Khan on Sting retiring

Sting retirement was a topic in a recent chat with D Magazine, indicating that he would hang up his legendary boots once his current deal with AEW expires. That sparked a massive conversation about the impact he left on the business, and how the pro wrestling world would look without the Icon.

Sting vs The undertaker
Sting recently revealed that he pitched for a match against The Undertaken when in WWE, but that didn’t happen

For those waiting, Tony Khan discussed Sting’s wrestling future on The Kliq podcast, with the AEW President saying:

“I talk to Sting a lot. He is somebody who has been such a huge boost to AEW since he arrived. Sting debuted a little over two years ago at the first Winter is Coming event in AEW.

I catch up with him pretty frequently on a regular basis. I have to say, Sting’s motivation for pro wrestling is as high as it’s ever been. He loves what he’s doing. I do think he’s starting to think about what retirement will look like, but he’s also not slowing down at all in the present.

So, I’m not ready to say exactly when Sting is going to hang it up, but I do know every time we get to see Sting go out there in AEW, it’s very special.”

Having given his life to the business, Sting deserves to decide when enough is enough, but until then, fans would do well to enjoy him whenever they see him on AEW TV.


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