Eric Bischoff says that CM Punk should leave AEW.

Eric Bischoff thinks AEW should get rid of CM Punk

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With reports that CM Punk might be training for a return to AEW, Eric Bischoff has stated that CM Punk just needs to go away. He’s absolutely not on CM Punk’s side, even if Punk was right. Because of how CM Punk choose to handle the problem.

Eric Bischoff lines out why AEW should get rid of CM Punk. This is what he said on the Strictly business podcast, But, let me just say this I don’t know what went on behind the scenes with The Elite and the backstage drama, conspiracy theories. I’m not discounting it, I’m not discounting that Philip has a b***h. I’m not discounting that perhaps Philip was justified in being really really pissed off.”

Eric Bischoff explains why Punk’s Media Scrum was bad for business. “I still don’t think he should’ve done what he did at the press conference. That should’ve been a conversation that Philip had with Tony Khan offline privately one-on-one maybe with an attorney present then it could’ve been productive as opposed to going out there and again showing your ass burying the guy that’s writing your checks, burying your entire locker room the roster that you have to work with. I just, again, that’s a tell, it’s a big tell.”

Eric Bischoff, “Better for everybody to go their separate ways.”


“I do believe that there might’ve been some fire behind all that smoke and why he was upset and if you have that kind of drama going on backstage whether it’s 10 percent real of 80 percent real whatever it is one of us will probably ever know unless you were involved. It’s just unhealthy for everyone nobody’s gonna come out of it good, everybody’s gonna come out of it dinged and I think it will be better for everybody just to go their separate ways.” 

CM Punk may return to AEW, but if we can infer anything from Eric Bischoff and what he said. Perhaps that’s not the best idea. Maybe it would lead to even more trouble. Do you think CM Punk’s media scrum drama harmed AEW as a whole? Should CM Punk just leave?

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