Eric Bischoff believes that MJF should be booked in a way that is similar to Roman Reigns is in WWE.

Eric Bischoff suggests AEW should book MJF similar to Roman Reigns

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Eric Bischoff spoke on how WWE is handling Roman Reigns as of late. He addressed Roman Reigns working fewer dates. Roman Reigns since WrestleMania, has only worked a handful of matches and hasn’t even been featured on all the PPVs, to the consternation of many fans. Many of those fans, at one time just hoped Roman Reigns would go away. These days, they wish he’d come back more often, the full circle of wrestling.

Eric Bischoff said,



“This dude has been busting his a** for the last six years they’ve been pushing Roman,” Bischoff said. “The fact that now he’s finally reached that level where he is the biggest name in the world in the industry and now people are bi***ing because they don’t see him wrestle a 20-minute match every week? If you saw him wrestle a 20-minute match every week, you wouldn’t want to see him anymore!”

With the experience of Eric Bischoff booking in WWE, do you agree with his assessment?

Eric Bischoff praised WWE for booking Roman less and expressed hopes that they would feature MJF in the same way. He said,

“[Speaking of MJF] There’s two ways to kill a talent, one is not to expose them enough and the other is to overexpose them. There’s a saying ‘less is more,’ that’s so true when you get to the top of the mountain. You can get overexposed so quickly and easily. Nobody intends to do it, it’s not malicious, it’s just lack of experience.”

Should AEW book MJF, similar to how WWE presents Roman Reigns?

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