Eric Bischoff speaks about WWE Sale and what it could mean.

Eric Bischoff spoke about WWE’s potential sale.

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Of all the major executives in wrestling history of the last forty years, no one has the perspective of Eric Bischoff. He was running WCW when the company along with Turner as a whole was merged with AOL. He gave that perspective on his podcast, 83 weeks regarding WWE’s potential sale.

This is what Eric Bischoff said, “Everybody has their opinion and you [Conrad] and I talked about this a little bit last night. I can see why a lot of people inside of WWE, particularly those that have stock options in their portfolio, WWE stock options, but I can see a lot of people being very nervous because it’s the unknown and you know, nobody likes the unknown.

“Nobody knows how this is going to play itself out. So, everybody’s kind of hanging on by a thread waiting to see which direction it’s going to go and I get that. That’s an uncomfortable feeling.

Eric Bischoff reminds us of what happened to him in the 90s. “My impression is that whoever buys it is probably not going to come in and start making any kind of wholesale changes when it comes to the management of the company for the first year and a half or two years. I lived through that, by the way.”

Eric Bischoff witnessed as Time Warner gradually put the squeeze on WCW and changed everything. At first it might have been smooth sailing, but eventually he was out of power and eventually WCW folded. Not saying that will happen to WWE, but it certainly reveals the unpredictable elements of any sale by WWE to any company.

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