Eric Bischoff has high praise for Josh Alexander. Says that he makes Bischoff want to actually watch Impact.

Eric Bischoff says Josh Alexander makes him want to watch Impact

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Eric Bischoff is no stranger to criticizing wrestlers. When the name Josh Alexander comes up, many people would expect him to lay into the current Impact World Champion. Well… Bischoff has nothing but high praise for Josh. This is what Bischoff said on the “83 Weeks” podcast.”

“Josh Alexander is outstanding. I met Josh for the fir… I feel really bad now because I was at, I was in Salt Lake City Last Weekend. DDP and I. And I did a meet and greet. Josh was there at the table with me. But in all fairness, I don’t watch Impact. I didn’t recognize him.” 

“Super nice guy, we chatted briefly. I didn’t really engage with him because I was signing autographs, doing my best to make people laugh, and have fun and all that in the meet & Greet. And then the promoter of the show asked me to come out during the main event as “an enforcer.” 

“I sat there and Josh Alexander was in the main event. Wow was I impressed! Like, he’s really really good. Now that I find out when I get home he and Bully [Bully Ray] are going to be wrestling in January. While I was not necessarily interested in Impact previously, which is why I hadn’t been watching and all that.”

I am interested now, having sat at ringside and watched Josh Alexander in the ring. He’s really good and he put on a great great match. And I’m really looking forward to him and Bully. I think they’re going to be in Atlanta.”

Josh Alexander squares off against Bully Ray on Hard to Kill on January 13th on PPV. Bischoff will be watching, what about you?

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