Hulk Hogan Suicide

Eric Bischoff Recalls Hulk Hogan Trying To Commit Suicide

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Former RAW General manager Eric Bischoff has revealed that WWE legend Hulk Hogan once tried to commit suicide

When we speak about the greatest superstars to have ever graced the WWE ring, the name Hulk Hogan is present on everyone’s list. He enjoyed an emphatic career headlining WrestleMania several times and winning and becoming a multi-time world champion. He has been also inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame on two separate occasions.

However, Hulk Hogan faced a lot of controversies during his illustrious career. He was alone at a point in time and Eric Bischoff commented on the same in his new book, ‘Grateful‘. He noted that Hogan’s divorce from his wife started complicating things.  Bischoff saif



“I think Terry really recognized that fact once I was no longer in a position to get anything from him. After WCW was sold, and then we both worked together again at the WWF, his divorce from Linda began a very devastating period in his life. Add to the mix his physical challenges – and the emotional fallout from Nick’s terrible car accident – and we started spending a lot of time on the phone.”

Bischoff further went on to state that Hogan was found alone at home pointing a gun to his head.

“Things had got to the point, as he has talked about in his own book and public statements, that Terry found himself alone at home, pointing a gun to his head. He was crying out for help due to the pain that he was experiencing at that time. It got so bad that I said to Loree, ‘I’m gonna go down to stay in Florida with him.’”

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