Eric Bischoff lays out what he has against CM Punk.

Eric Bischoff explains why he doesn’t like CM Punk

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Eric Bischoff went into detail as to what he has against CM Punk on the “Strictly business podcast.” He brought up Punk’s first AEW promo when he returned to wrestling. He believed that it proved to him that CM Punk wasn’t what he was hyped to be.

This is what Eric Bischoff said,Part of me jokes around about busting Philip’s [CM Punk] balls because I just I’m not impressed with him. I think he was overhyped and when I say that, look, I understand he came to AEW with a massive amount of mystique and there was a buildup and he did a good job of maintaining that mystique. But, he lost me in his first promo. I mean he showed his ass in such a obvious way to me in his very first promo when he went out there and buried Hulk Hogan. Now, I’m not saying that because I’m friends of Hulk Hogan, I’m saying that because Philip has never worked with Hulk Hogan.”

Eric Bischoff lines out why bringing up Hogan in Punk’s promo was bad. “Philip doesn’t know Hulk Hogan and what Philip was doing was Philip was trying to get himself over with the dirtsheet community – mostly Meltzer’s fanbase – by burying someone that Meltzer has been burying for 25 or 30 years in order to get himself over and what that does to me if you’re playing poker with somebody like that, that’s a tell.”

Eric Bischoff, “This guy is not everything he’s cracked up to be.”


“That tells me this dude does not know how to get himself over without relying on cheap easy heat and that’s what that comment was and I think when you come out as a professional at that level and you’re relying on cheap easy heat regardless whether it’s Hulk Hogan or any other insert any other big name here that you don’t know and you’ve never worked with I think that’s a tell and minute that happened I went, ‘this guy is not everything he’s cracked up to be’ because if he was, he wouldn’t have to do that and it all went downhill from there.” 

Is Eric Bischoff right? Was CM Punk not what he should have been? Overhyped?

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