Eric Bischoff on Christian Cage's 2012 Impact appearance "not a needle mover."

Eric Bischoff, “Christian didn’t move the needle.”

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Eric Bischoff spoke about whether Christian moved the needle or not in TNA. Specifically referring to the time that TNA made a deal with WWE, allowing them to use one WWE star in exchange for Ric Flair. TNA in theory could have pulled Randy Orton. They asked for Christian.

This is what Eric Bischoff said, “I love the idea that TNA allowed Ric [Flair] to be a part of WWE, that was a classy move on TNA’s part. In fact, they negotiated for an appearance for a WWE person I thought diminished the class. Now, it’s transactional. What started out as a classic move turned into a transactional move.”

“Another WWE name that didn’t move the needle in TNA. Great talent, no question about it absolutely. Didn’t matter, didn’t move the needle. Because there was no strategy but I thought the move was a great move, in the beginning. I was a little disappointed that they diminished it by doing a quid pro quo, I just didn’t like that part. But you know, it was good for Ric. It didn’t hurt Christian.”

For Christian, he was honored that he was the one who TNA asked for. This is a short excerpt of what he said, “I thought it was an honor they asked for me in return for Ric [Flair]. I thought that was obviously a sign that I meant something and my contributions to that company were important. I didn’t look at it as a negative at all.” 

Christian was a 1 time TNA champion, and 2 time NWA champion, and widely scene as the key star in the company at the time.

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