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Enzo Amore Got Fired From NXT For Farting

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Enzo Amore, a former WWE Superstar, was fired from the business in 2018, but he almost left years earlier.

Despite having no prior experience in professional wrestling, Amore joined WWE in 2012 and went on to win the title of WWE Cruiserweight twice during his time there.

Amore spoke about having a dispute with Dusty Rhodes, the former NXT president, in 2015  during his Q+A on the Monte & The Pharaoh LI#1 Pro Wrestling Broadcast.

After Baron Corbin cut a promo, the roster was asked for feedback, and Enzo reacted to Rhodes’ question with a loud fart, according to Amore.


“I showed up to work the next day. What I did not know is literally Dusty Rhodes called Triple H that night and got me fired. When I showed up to work, Dusty Rhodes called Triple H back up and said, ‘Nah, I’m not gonna fire him.’ Then Dusty didn’t talk to me for like two weeks.”

“I’d look at the card, I’m like, ‘Oh, we’re not booked today, Cass,’ and Cass knows, like, ‘You motherf****r!’”

Amore was released from WWE in January 2018 after being accused of sexual misconduct and not disclosing it to higher-ups.

The former Superstar has claimed that he was not aware of the sexual misconduct charges against him until they were made public.

Would you like to see Enzo Amore move to AEW?


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