Dustin Rhodes mother passes away, RIP

Dustin Rhodes mother passes away

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The mother of Dustin Rhodes, Sandra Runnels passed away today. She is the mother of Dustin, but not Cody Rhodes. Some fans might get confused, but Cody Rhodes and Dustin are only half-brothers. However, I’m sure Cody is right there in whatever way he can, lending what support he can to his older brother.

This is what Dustin tweeted, I am very sad to say that I lost my Momma today. She was an incredibly strong mother who was loving and resilient to her dying day. She taught me everything, and I am the man I am today because of her. I am so saddened but so happy she is no longer in pain. Rest in Heaven.”

Sandra Rhodes got to witness her son become a star all over the wrestling world. Especially in WWE, as the Goldust character. She then witnessed him take part in something that was unthinkable at one time. He played a key role in the formation of a major wrestling company that could challenge WWE’s total dominance on the industry.

Our hearts go out to Dustin Rhodes and his family during this time of tragedy.

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