Drew McIntyre vs GUNTHER? YES PLEASE! Drew hopes to face GUNTHER for the IC title soon.

Drew McIntyre wants to face GUNTHER

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During an interview on the WWE Best of 2022 show, Drew McIntyre outlined that he wanted to face GUNTHER. The leader of Imperium is the current Intercontinental Champion. He has proven his strength on the main roster and has been one of the better NXT to WWE transitions.

This is what Drew McIntyre said, “I’ve got my eyes on Gunther with the Intercontinental Championship. I see the chatter on social media, I see what happened with himself and Sheamus, I saw the battles. I love competition, I’m a former Intercontinental Champion and I would love to tangle with that man.”

GUNTHER and Sheamus faced each other in a handful of matches, but their best by most people’s belief was Clash at the Castle. At that event, where Drew McIntyre faced Roman Reigns, GUNTHER beat the hell out of Sheamus. Likewise, Sheamus beat the hell out of GUNTHER.

Drew McIntyre probably wants that similar experience as he’s seen as one of the tougher wrestlers. Drew despite not having been champion for a while now, is still considered a top star in WWE. Likewise, GUNTHER might be the fastest-rising new talent to join the main roster.

Should GUNTHER face Drew McIntyre? How do you think the match would be? Is Drew’s chest ready for that kind of punishment? Should GUNTHER lose the title to him?

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