MJF celebrating in a way that feels so totally perfect for him. Later on at the Media scrum, after a short rant about being the best wrestler in the world, he told people to tune into the MJF show every wednesday on TBS. He then said, "thank you, F*ck you, bye."

Don’t know who this other clown is

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MJF may be getting lots of media attention and feuding with a certain upcoming MMA fighter, but using Conor McGregor’s name to diss the latter may still not be his best move. That is if we are to believe Notorious himself.

After winning the AEW Championship from Jon Moxley at Full Gear on Saturday, MJF, proclaiming to everyone who would listen that nobody is better than him, got into an online feud with Paddy Pimblett. In the course of dissing the UFC upstart, the young star called him a “dollar store Conor McGregor”.

Soon after, McGregor himself responded, siding with Pimblett and bigging himself up in the process:

The Irishman saying that even a dollar store Conor McGregor is still worth millions is very on-brand, and it looks like Maxwell Jacob Friedman’s attempts to draw some attention from the MMA world have worked for now. It remains to be seen where this exchange goes, and if MJF gets to mix it up with either Pimblett or, more shockingly, McGregor himself.


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