Bully Ray believes that Dominik should take the name of Guerrero to continue the storyline.

Dominik Mysterio Offers His Kidney To WCW Legend

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On the latest Keepin’ It 100 with Konnan podcast, Konnan gave an update on his medical condition.

The former WCW/TNA star, who recently started dialysis, explained how he injured his kidney as well as Rey Mysterio’s kids, Dominik and Aalyah, have offered to donate their kidneys to him:

“I was in terrible shape. This is the worst year that I’ve ever been in. This was a great year for me professionally, but health wise, it was the worst year of my life. There were two times this year where I honestly thought, you know, just being very honest, and I don’t really talk too much about myself that I was going to end the year alive. You know, I was very weak, very weak, really bad shape, despondent, sad, skinny. I lost 70 pounds and just in really bad shape.”

“I’ll tell you what saved me bro is the fu**ing dialysis. I didn’t want to do it. This is my second kidney replacement. A lot of people think, ‘Oh steroids.’ Well, if it’s steroids, why don’t more people have kidney problems?”

“What actually happened is, I was in an extreme match in Tijuana, and a ladder came all the way from the top and I was looking the other way, and it landed and it fu**ing broke my kidney and I didn’t even know it because I just thought it was normal pain.”


“Not too long ago, I did an angle in AEW with the FTR guys. They gave me this pile driver and I never had time to like, go, because I got there late. We were like second on, and next thing you knew, we were in the trailer and we were going to the fu**ing ring. So they never really showed me how to do the pile driver. So it’s like this weird different pile driver I’d never taken, and when I hit, I went like, holy sh*t. I felt that.”

“Then for months and months, I was having problems with my back, with my traps, with my ribs, and I just thought it was a pinched nerve. When I finally went to the fu**ing doctor, they were like, ‘No, you have a dislocated shoulder and a cracked rib.’ Bro, that hurt like a mother fu**er.”

“Same thing with the kidney. When I bursted, when it burst or whatever, I didn’t go to the hospital because you know, Mr. Macho here. Then finally when I had kidney problems, they were like, ‘Bro, your kidneys are so dehydrated, we don’t even know what to tell you.’”

“The first time I went to get dialysis was one of the worst experiences of my life and I said, ‘There’s no way I’ll ever do this sh*t again.’ Then not too long ago, I was in really bad shape and the doctor said, ‘In one month, your internal organs are going to start shutting down. So it’s up to you. Do you want to do dialysis or not?’ I was like, fu**, and then I started it. It’s been incredible. It’s been an incredible experience. They clean your blood. I didn’t have iron. That’s why I was so fu**ing weak. They put iron into your body, and they put phosphorus and all the other elements that your body isn’t producing or filtering anymore, the dialysis machine does it for you.”

“It’s an ongoing thing to get a fu**ing kidney donor. I actually have seven people from the show, and believe it or not bro, this is beautiful, do you know who offered me their kidney? Dominik and Aalyah, both.”


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