Rey and Dominik as a tag team

Dominik Mysterio didn’t have WWE contract when wrestling at SummerSlam 2020

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Having had his first match in pro wrestling at SummerSlam 2020 against Seth Rollins in a Street Fight, Dominik Mysterio has come a long way. He may have lost the match, but the exposure he got on WWE TV b before and after, alongside and against father Rey Mysterio, has been invaluable.

He is even a former tag team champion alongside his father, and Dominik is now cutting his teeth as a despised heel alongside his mami Rhea Ripley and The Judgement Day. His in-ring work also continues to improve compared to his debut, a bout that he took part in without a contract, it seems.

Dominik's heel turn began at Clash at the Castle. He kicked Edge square in the balls and officially joined Judgment Day on the next RAW.
Dominik’s heel turn began at Clash at the Castle, where he shocked the world by attacking Edge and Rey

Speaking on a recent episode of K100 w/ Konnan & Disco, Mysterio revealed he was not under contract with WWE for his SummerSlam match. He was apparently being paid on a per-show basis, which went on till Payback in August of that year.

“Actually, it was before I went on contract (was the payday that took me by surprise the most), because I was getting paid per show…

I did SummerSlam without being on contract. So I got paid for that pay-per-view… We were in the middle of negotiations so it was all kind of being handled at the time. But in good faith, I was like, ‘Yeah dude, I’ll do it.’

This is an opportunity of a lifetime so I jumped on it but after that SummerSlam and that following — because I did SummerSlam and then Monday Night Raw and then that following week, we did Payback when I tagged with my dad for the first time, like back-to-back, so I got two pay-per-view checks and a couple TV checks in one sitting and that’s when I was like, oh sh*t.

This is pretty cr*zy.”

Now that he has found his footing alongside Ripley, Damian Priest, and Finn Balor, fans hope he can push on and become a fixture on WWE television, like his legendary father.

Has Dominik Mysterio done well since his WWE debut?


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