Dolph Ziggler had real-life heat with John Cena

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WWE Superstar John Cena is one of the most successful wrestlers in the history of the promotion. He has shared the ring with almost everyone on the roster and former world champion Dolph Ziggler is one of them. Cena and Ziggler had a brief rivalry in 2012 where the two enjoyed working against each other.

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In an interview with Sam Roberts in 2013, Dolph Ziggler explained why he hated John Cena in real life. He professed that it is due to the fact that they were real-life rivals, their on-screen feud worked so well. Ziggler also claimed that Cena is bad at wrestling but had a huge connection with the fans.

“You know what? I had a blast working with John, yeah, because I hate him like for real. [You do?] yeah. [Why?] I hate everything he stands for. I hate how awkwardly he runs. I hate that he’s bad at wrestling, but he has this awesome connection with the fans and I’m so great at wrestling and I haven’t made that great connection with all the fans that aren’t in New York,” he said. 

Dolph Ziggler


Dolph Ziggler on mentoring young talent

Dolph Ziggler has spent his entire 18-year wrestling career in WWE. He has won multiple singles and tag titles in WWE and has been in many important matches over the years. But now, the 42-year-old Ziggler has acknowledged that his time in the spotlight may be ending and that he can contribute to WWE in other ways, such as advising younger talent.

It’s that notion, that he can parse on useful tidbits of wisdom, that seems to give Ziggler the most satisfaction these days. In an interview with Andy Hall of KAZR-FM in Des Moines, Iowa, Dolph Ziggler explained how he’s embracing the role of a mentor.

“Oh, of course!” Ziggler replied. “And my favorite thing is if someone goes, ‘Oh, he’s an old vet’ or whatever, I go, ‘Well, yeah, I can help people out backstage. I’m good at my job, and I’m comfortable enough knowing how good I am that I CAN help.’

But I also go, ‘I’m not JUST here to help.’ I also have this ego and this talent, that I go, ‘Dammit, I want to steal the show every night, no matter where I am or if I’m on the card or not!’ So I embrace that, because I love the business, and have one damn goal.

It’s not titles. It’s not a certain match, person – whatever. It’s to have this business be better because I was involved in it, and [that] when I leave, it’s better because I was a part of it. That’s the important part.”

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