Does Jim Cornette hate Shawn Michaels? Well the answer might be complicated.

Does Jim Cornette hate Shawn Michaels?

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It’s been suggested over the years that Jim Cornette hates Shawn Michaels. In his younger days, Cornette was very vocal about many of the things that Shawn Michaels did in the late 90s.

This is what Jim Cornette had to say now regarding Shawn Michaels. “No, I don’t know if I ever hated Shawn Michaels. I never felt about him the way I felt about sh*tstain [Vince Russo] or Donald Trump or any really egregious excremental excuse for a human being.”

“Just as he was a great worker, and I’ve said that great f*cking performer in the ring, just a goddamn annoying f*cking prima donna motherf*cker to be around, nasty to all my friends during the 90s, and then found God. Which I don’t believe in, so I don’t put as much faith in as everybody else when they’ve reformed. I say if you were that big of a prick before you’re probably always gonna be a prick.”

Jim Cornette continues, “But I don’t hope that he gets run over by a bread truck and or falls off a cliff. And I’ve you know, whenever he is straight on television, I’m not talking about sober not sober. I’m talking about when he’s being a straight wrestler instead of making dick jokes and doing the DX reunions, I’ve never had a problem with watching Shawn Michaels’ matches.”

“It was just an annoying f*cking period of time in my life and a goddamn unprofessional f*ck to be around to get along with or deal with.”

Has Jim Cornette mellowed with age? Or did we misunderstand his take on HBK over the years?

What do you all think?

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