Did The Undertaker play basketball?

Did The Undertaker play basketball?

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Did The Undertaker play basketball?
The Undertaker appearing on the WWE series The Last Ride

When you think of Mark Calaway, better known as The Undertaker, you think of one of the greatest sports entertainers the world has ever seen. He is synonymous with the world of professional wrestling and has created a legacy that will live on forever.

Pro-wrestling has been his life since he made his debut in 1987. He went onto work for WWE, where he found his greatest success. The Undertaker gimmick, which debuted in 1990, is arguably Vince McMahon’s greatest character creation.

Before he became a pro-wrestler, The Deadman was involved in sports. So did The Undertaker play basketball?

The answer is that he did. The Undertaker played basketball during his time in high school. There was even a point when he considered heading across the pond to Europe to play basketball professionally, after he dropped out of university.

I’m compiling a list of former NAIA athletes with notable pro careers, and one name stands above all: The Undertaker. Played basketball for one year at Texas Wesleyan. https://t.co/XENDMTVLGz

On an episode of Sportkeeda’s Smack Talk, Dutch Mantel told a story about The Undertaker and his basketball skills:

“One day, I’m playing, and we get to this town early, and they’ve got a basketball out there and some kids playing. So, me and ‘Taker go out there and another guy named Action Jackson. So we’re shooting around and then, ‘Taker just said, let’s just play fives, where you hit five baskets, and you win. And I said, ‘Na, you’re 6’11’. He said, ‘I’ll play both of you.’ He played me and Action Jackson. I’m not a good basketball player, but I learned something else that day, Action Jackson can’t play (laughs), and we were held scoreless. ‘Taker just scored all kinds of points. He would shoot from the top of the foul line, from the corner. He was hitting all over. But he is a very good Basketball player, so. He played in some small school in Texas.” Dutch Mantel explained.

It certainly doesn’t surprise us that The Undertaker was giving out beatings on the basketball court, considering his size and athleticism.

Did The Undertaker play any other sports aside from basketball?


I’m really starting to wonder if Undertaker was ever really dead!?! 🤔

He might have been this Mark Callaway dude all along! 😮

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Growing up, Mark Calaway also played american football alongside playing basketball.

He played football at Waltrip High School in Houston, Texas and was a member of the school team.

In the end, it turned out his passion was basketball as he accepted a scholarship to Angelina College in Lufkin, Texas.


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