“Definitely like to end on that note” – AEW star Matt Hardy reveals his choice for a “better” retirement Match

“Definitely like to end on that note” – AEW star Matt Hardy reveals his choice for a “better” retirement Match

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Matt Hardy making his entrance at an AEW show.
Matt Hardy making his entrance at an AEW show.

On the latest episode of the AEW unrestricted podcast, Matt Hardy expressed his thoughts for a retirement match. The former WWE Tag Team Champion revealed his ideal opponent:

“I would maybe even say a better retirement would be myself and my brother if that works out in the future, versus like The [Young] Bucks or one of the current tag teams [in AEW]. I would definitely like to end on that note, for sure. That’s how we came in and [I] would kind of like to go out that way.” h/t: sescoops.com

#FBF 1999 After Matt Hardy created the concept of the Tag Team Ladder Match, it is executed to perfection. This match paved the way for The Young Bucks, Private Party, Top Flight & virtually every tag team ever today. https://t.co/BVgofW0eF2

It has previously been reported that Jeff Hardy wished to reunite with his brother possibly at AEW. The Hardy Boyz are arguably the most popular tag team from the Attitude Era. The brothers revolutionized tag team wrestling with their series of TLC matches in WWE. The Young Bucks have walked in their footsteps. The Jackson brothers are also known for their ground-breaking high-flying maneuvers in tag team wrestling. It would be interesting to see the blood brothers from different eras square off on a grand stage like AEW.

Jim Cornette seems optimistic about The Young Bucks’ recent role at AEW Dynamite

Jim Cornette is known to be critical of The Young Bucks. It was recently reported that Jim Cornette liked the tease of a possible feud involving the duo. During last week’s episode of Dynamite, a backstage segment featuring The Elite showed Kenny Omega concerned about the future of his faction. Adam Cole promptly replied that “I got this.” Omega became upset by saying he was talking to The Young Bucks. The dysfunctionality within The Elite teased the possible feud between The Elite and the Undisputed Era. Jim Cornette expressed his enthusiasm by saying:

“Adam Cole starts wanting to run things more and more his way. He’s already got Bobby Fish. now hopefully [Kyle] O’Reilly will be next. Something can go on here. It could make it could justify the existence of the Hardy Boyz [The Young Bucks] on this roster.”

Are @AdamColePro and @theBobbyFish better best friends than #BestFriends? We’ll find out if Cole and Fish are a better tag team when they face @orangecassidy and @WheelerYuta TOMORROW on a Black Friday #AEWRampage at 10/9c on TNT https://t.co/w0A2g4HX2q

Adam Cole was seen again with Bobby Fish in a backstage segment in this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. They confronted Best Friends. The Young Bucks are only mentioned by Cole in the segment. It seems like Cornette is right about the direction the storyline is going.

Are you excited for The Young Bucks vs Adam Cole and Bobby Fish or The Elite vs the Undisputed Era angle? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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