It's revealed that Dean Malenko is suffering from numerous health problems.

Dean Malenko in poor health

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It’s being reported that Dean Malenko is in poor health. The former cruiserweight champion has been said to have Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes, and has suffered a heart attack very recently. This is what Tony Schiavone has stated on the podcast, “What Happened When.”

“His health is not good. We had him on Starrcast in Chicago. No one had talked about it, but he mentioned that he had Parkinson’s. He’s also had a heart attack. He’s got diabetes. So he’s had some serious, serious health problems, but he’s still a part of AEW backstage.”

Dean Malenko is a legend, a former WCW Cruiserweight Champion, and WCW United States Champion, as well as other championship titles to his name. He’s a pioneer of submission-style wrestling. He has invented or directly inspired many submission holds used today in wrestling.

Dean Malenko retired from in-ring competition in 2001. However, he remained a strong presence in wrestling. He was directly involved in laying out matches, and other producing duties for 18 years. He left for AEW, where he holds a similar role.

It is noted that the company still has him involved, working on select matches, usually the major level bouts. It is sad to hear his health has taken a turn for the worst. We wish him the best possible as he continues to battle ongoing health difficulties.

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