Dax Harwood speaks on relationship with Tony Khan, and future plans.

Dax Harwood speaks on his relationship with AEW

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Dax Harwood spoke about his relationship with Tony Khan & AEW, on “FTR with Dax Harwood.” It’s been highly speculated that FTR will leave AEW, and possibly even go to WWE. However his recent arguments with Road Dogg has caused others to call into question whether they’d go back to WWE anytime soon.
This is what Dax Harwood said about Tony Khan, “I also have the blessing of Tony Khan to talk about this and make a statement about this. Tony has been nothing but top-notch to me and Dan since day one. There are things that we haven’t agreed on, as any boss and any employee, even any friend. There are times that I felt the boat was missed on opportunities for us.”

Dax Harwood was super happy in AEW, “There were times that I was super happy with everything we were doing, but there has come a time where we are on the tail end of our career. Right now, at this point in our career, is the most important time in our career. I mean that monetarily, creatively, and personally. It is the most important time in our career.

Dax Harwood said FTR is taking time to reflect and allow their bodies to heal, “With that being said, we have asked and been granted the next few months off of television so we can sit back, reflect, decide, let our bodies heal, and figure out what we’re going to do for the next few years. Whatever we decide to do next will be the absolute last thing we do as far as wrestling.”

What will FTR get up to next? Whatever it is, won’t be for a while.

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