Dax Harwood is a huge fan of the Acclaimed!

Dax Harwood is a huge fan of the Acclaimed

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On FTR with Dax Harwood, Dax revealed that he’s a huge fan of The Acclaimed. He has high praise for Anthony Bowens in particular. One of the last matches that FTR wrestled before their current AEW absence was a title match against the champions, the Acclaimed.

This is what Dax Harwood said, “I was completely blown away. Blown away by both of ’em because Bowens was more than a decent wrestler. He’s incredible. I don’t want to say I was surprised because that makes me sound like I rated him low, because I didn’t rate him low. Then, I got in there with Caster and, man, wow, I don’t think — because he’s so good on the mic and with his raps and stuff — people don’t understand how good he is in the ring.”

There are two teams that really shined in AEW in 2022. FTR whom Dax Harwood is a part of, especially with their trio of matches on Ring of Honor. And, The Acclaimed. Anthony Bowens and Max Caster really rose from what some might call, “The Depths of AEW Dark” to really shine.

Dax Harwood ended the year as Champions, and in some people’s minds, they were the tag team of the year. For others, that was FTR. It’s nice to see the respect shown to The Acclaimed by Dax Harwood.

What do you think of the Acclaimed? Do you agree with Dax?

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