Triple H and Vince McMahon differ a lot in their creative ideas

Dave Meltzer Reports on Vince McMahon comeback news

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The news of Vince McMahon wanting to make a comeback to WWE shocked the world. It was reported that Vince stated that he stepped down only due to “bad advice. He also wished that he never took the step as he believes the charges against him would have died down at some point.

The report was followed by another one that suggested that WWE talents do not want him to come back. They are quite happy with the work Triple H is doing and do not want that to change. Now Dave Meltzer has provided more information on what the situation is like in WWE and highlighted that even Vince might want to try to get back as he is still the majority shareholder in the company.  Meltzer said. .




There’s a lot of other ramifications to this too. The morale situation, now everyone’s kind of uncertain again of what’s going on. There’s really a lot of uncertainty in the company. It would be major, major internal upheaval in that company for him to come back. But he’s Vince, and maybe he will. He will certainly try. In itself, just the fact that he’s trying, is gonna be a big, big story.

Meltzer also noted that even Vince’s allies are aware that a comeback would be the worst thing. They know that people within the company are happier since Vince left and it is in the best interests of the company that it stays that way.

I know allies of Vince – very much allies of Vince and very protective of Vince and things like that – who are not business allies of Vince within that company right now, because they know that it would be the worst thing. And they are very strong allies of Vince. People who you would think are his allies, you don’t know. People are happier in the company, they know the company’s running better, and so the people who are allies or looking at the best interests of the company, they don’t want him back.

According to Meltzer Vince can block any sale of the company as he holds around 80 percent of the share in WWE. And is goes without saying that as long as he wants himself back, he would never agree to a sale.

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