Darren Young details pressure while working with John Cena

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Former WWE Superstar Darren Young made his WWE debut in 2010. He debuted alongside 7 other men in the heel group Nexus and delivered one of the best debuts in the history of the wrestling promotion.

During a recent interview with Wrestling News Co, the former WWE Tag Team Champion explained the pressure he felt anticipating his RAW debut which involved working with John Cena.

“When the Nexus came to Miami and we delivered, we had to deliver. That was pretty much what was told to us by Vince McMahon and Michael Hayes and Arn Anderson that were around. We needed to deliver because, if we didn’t, someone was going to get fired. So, a lot of pressure. It’s a moment I’ll never forget. I remember knocking out the timekeeper, I remember clotheslining John Cena, I remember wreaking havoc that entire summer.” 

Darren Young as Black John Cena

Apparently Darren Young wants to dress up as a Black John Cena for New Japan’s “The Night Before Rumble on 44th Street.”

Here is what Darren Young had to say about that.

“I don’t remember the exact person, but however it came about, Michael Tarver from the Nexus, he would call my chin, I had the All-American chin. I don’t know how that came about, me being the black John Cena, but it’s funny. New Japan Strong is doing a show in New York, a Halloween show, and I’m thinking about dressing up as the Black John Cena.”

“So we’ll see how that goes at a New Japan STRONG show. I’m still thinking about it. I think that’s what I might be for Halloween, the Black John Cena, but it’s gonna be my own way, you know, my own version of it, so we’ll see if I do it or not. I’d have to shave the goatee off, too, so I can have that pronounced chin like him, so I think that’s what I’m gonna be.”

It might seem like an odd decision but when he was in Nexus, he did look a bit like John Cena. He credits that All-American chin.

What was your favorite Nexus moment in WWE? Sound off in the comments section below!


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