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Could “The Punk” Problem Help Tony Khan Long Term

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According to a legend of the wrestling industry Dutch Mantell, Tony Khan could gain from the ongoing CM Punk saga because it may compel him to “be a boss.”

Following an altercation between The Elite and the former AEW World Champion behind the scenes at All Out 2022, Khan suspended CM Punk. The Straight-Edge Superstar hasn’t appeared on any AEW programming since that suspension, along with Punk’s numerous ailments.

A now-deleted Instagram story post by Punk that openly criticized Dave Meltzer, Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, and AEW, in general, stoked the flames just as it appeared like things were finally winding down.


Dutch Mantell argues that Tony Khan may ultimately benefit from the challenging circumstances. The veteran provided the following explanation on Sportskeeda Wrestling’s Smack Talk podcast:


“Well, this may have done Tony Khan a favor too because he is having to be a boss, which he really hasn’t done that much before. It was all playtime and ‘let’s all get along’, but now when it comes down to this, he’s going to have to make some decisions, whether people like it or not – or even whether he likes it or not.”


Do you agree with Dutch Mantell on this one?



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