Cornette Wanted To Shoot Brock Lesnar After He Touched His Wifes Lady Area

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During his days in Ohio Valley Wrestling (WWF’s developmental territory), Brock Lesnar had an incident with Jim Cornette’s wife Stacy (Synn).

Lesnar was booked for a spot in the ring with Synn and she told Lesnar not to place his hand anywhere near her v*gina while lifting her up because she got it pierced, but Lesnar did exactly that.

Brock Lesnar returns on RAW, to attack Bobby Lashley!

Here’s what former OVW Manager Kenny Bolin said about this incident while speaking to Wrestling Shoot Interviews:

“Synn told him that she had got her v*gina pierced that day and his spot was to pick Synn up over his head. She said, ‘whatever you do, don’t get your fingers anywhere near my v*gina. It’s very sensitive there. I got it pierced today.’

Well, Brock Lesnar being Brock put his fingers not only near her v*gina, but in her v*gina. She was furious. She went back b*tching to [Jim Cornette] and Jimmy lost his f**king mind, went out in the parking lot and confronted Brock.

Brock says, ‘what? you gonna fight me’, [Cornette said], ‘I’m not gonna fight you, you motherf**ker, I’m gonna shoot you’, and he says, ‘oh, you gonna kill me’, ‘no, I’m gonna shoot you in your f**king kneecaps you motherf**ker, let’s see how your wrestling career is at that point.’”


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