Renee Dupree is a two-time former WWE tag champ

Controversial former superstar claims WWE contacted him about return

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Triple H’s regime as creative head of WWE has gone pretty smoothly so far, although lots can still be improved over time. One thing he has tried to do is rectify Vince McMahon’s mistake of letting so many superstars go, retiring many ex-stars over the past few months, yet now we find ourselves discussing Renee Dupree.

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One former performer who hasn’t been seen in WWE for a while is Rene Dupree, who signed with WWE in 2002 and made his main roster debut just a year later. He asked for his release in 2007, and on the latest episode of his Cafe de Rene podcast, the former WWE Tag Team Champion claimed that the promotion asked him to come back:

“I was contacted by the WWE. Well, an agent contacted someone that I’ve known for years and that person contacted me. But it’s not in the cards. I’m sorry everyone. But yes, they (…) I mean, I still keep it a secret but there was talks of, anyway.”

Interestingly, on a previous episode of his podcast, Dupree discussed working with Triple H and called The Game a ‘dick,among other things.

“I thought he was a d*ck. [Did he say something in particular that pissed you off?] Ugh, just an a**hole. But there’s times like a very few times, but the few times, and I noticed whenever he’d be complimentary of me it meant so much. Because he was always just like a snob f**king make these off-handed comments, right? Then when he actually complimented me, I felt like, ‘wow! it’s so cool.’ And he, you know. But overall, he was a d*ck.”

It seems unlikely WWE would want Dupree to return anytime soon, although stranger things have happened in the business. But for now, we will leave it to you to gauge how truthful the Canadian was about WWE asking him to return.

Do you find it strange that Renee Dupree is even being talked about to WWE?


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